Our Approach


Phoenix IV Management Services Inc. offer personalized management services tailored to the needs of condominium directors and co-owners. We cover all aspects of condominium management.  For your project, our goal and objectives are those of the Directors. We organize meetings, prepare budgets, write work descriptions and perform performance assessments for employees. We manage the coordination, the supervision and the control of activities in the building. Our presence on the premises, the preparation of preventive maintenance programs and the preparation of meeting minutes are definite assets for your Syndicate. Our team work and privileged relationships help us achieve the goals of the Directors. The perseverance and the integrity of our team members help us strive for excellence in all facets of real estate management.

  1. Monthly reports of revenues and expenses

  2. Deposits of condominium fees in the client’s account

  3. Ensure a physical presence in the building as per your needs

  4. Purchase of supplies and payment of invoices

  5. Negotiations of contracts, if needed, to ensure best prices and services

  6. Negotiations, if needed, and management of insurance coverage for the property

  7. Set up and maintain a list of employees for the condominiums and maintain all report required by law

  8. Prepare employee schedules and supervision

What we can offer

Our Services

All our systems are automated and we are using Condo Manager Management Software. This systemp allows and integrate general accounting, including payables, receivables and financial statements and facilitates the development of budgets. It also archives all clients’ transactions.

Our Tools